Golden Retriever Club of Newfoundland

05 April 2020

About Us

The Golden Retriever Club of Newfoundland welcomes you and extends an invitation for you and your purebred golden retriever to join the club.  We are a community minded purebred dog club who throughout the year socialize and mingle with our Goldens at many events. Picnics, “Golden” visits to hospitals, nursing homes, and organizations such as the Scouting and Guide movements. We participate in the annual St. John’s Santa Claus parade.  Our focus is to promote our beautiful breed and to encourage good canineship.  We host dog shows and obedience matches and the Canine Good Neighbour Test© We publish a quarterly newsletter called TOPLINES.

Before Buying a Golden Retriever research the breed and ensure that this is the dog that suits your family. Golden Retrievers have beautiful long golden hair and shed their coat several times per year.   If hair on your furniture or if allergies are an issue then a Golden Retriever is not the breed for you.  They require exercise, frequent grooming and training and in return you will get a dog that will capture your heart and spirit and instantly become a member of the family. We can offer breeder information  however we do not recommend that you purchase any puppy without first researching the breed and the breeder. Remember a puppy is forever.  Make an informed decision.

An excellent resource for  researching the breed can be located on the Golden Retriever Club of Canada website at As you navigate the site you will discover  valuable information that a potential owner should have before buying a Golden Puppy or adopting an Adult Golden Retriever.


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